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Community Group Exhibition

Welcome to our online Community Group Exhibition! Please browse through the community, volunteer and archaeology groups that are active along Hadrian’s Wall. More information about each group can be found by clicking on the link.

Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian & Archaeological Society

Main Contact:                     Marion McClintock

Contact Email: general.secretary@ 

The Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian & Archaeological Society has been promoting history and archaeology in Cumbria since 1866. They publish the Society’s Transactions annually, and regularly publish books about Cumbria’s past. Members of the Society can access lectures, guided walks and site visits (when safe to do so!). 

Crest for Cumberland and Westmoorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society

Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne

Main Contact: Geoff Woodward, Secretary Activities Committee

Contact Email:

The Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne is the oldest provincial antiquarian society in the country, founded in 1813. We own many of the exhibits on display in museums in the region, and our large collection of archives is deposited at Northumberland Archives. Our Library, holding over 30,000 books and journals, is on the second floor of the Great North Museum: Hancock, and is open to the public, though currently closed due to Covid 19 measures. We normally have a full programme of lectures, walks and visits, social events and study groups, but currently these have been moved online or put on hold due to the pandemic. Please visit the website, or find us on Facebook and Twitter for details of the forthcoming programme, our publications, joining information etc. All are welcome to join us.

Photo taken from the back of a room showing a seated audience looking towards a spaker and a projected powerpoint slide showing different archaeological beads

Ouseburn Trust - Hadrian's Wall Interest Group

Ouseburn Trust Logo

Main Contact: Heather Richardson

Contact Email: heather.richardson@

From Hadrian’s Wall to the industrial revolution, from urban desolation to creative regeneration, from wonderful bridges to underground wonders, Ouseburn has a fascinating heritage that gives the valley a unique and treasured character. The Trust work with a dedicated team of heritage research volunteers, some of whom have formed the Hadrian’s Wall Interest Group. Through the re-examination of existing source materials and archaeological findings, while also deploying new methods such as bore hole data and stone measurements, the group hope to determine the route of the wall through the Lower Ouseburn valley between Milecastle’s 3 and 4.

Community Action Northumberland (CAN)

Main Contact: Andy Dean

Contact Email:     

Established in 1951, CAN is a local charity which exists to support Northumberland’s rural communities. We support all the county’s village halls on all matters including governance, licensing, fundraising and capital improvements. We will shortly be launching a new online portal for village halls and completing a digital review identifying the role halls can play in the digital world going forward. 

We support a network of Warm Hubs across the county and we provide advice, support and training to all Parish and Town Councils in Northumberland and Newcastle. We deliver a wide range of project specific activities including: Rural Employment Hubs helping those out of work into training and employment; community-led housing helping local groups to deliver their own affordable homes; energy efficiency and fuel poverty support. 

We undertake community surveys on behalf of local organisations and act as a conduit to strategic funding applications of benefit to rural Northumberland.

Tynedale North of the Wall Archaeology Group

Main Contact: Phil Bowyer

Contact Email: tynedalearchaeology@

We are a community archaeology group established in 2013. Our focus is primarily on carrying out fieldwork at locations in the vicinity of, and north of Hadrian’s Wall. Detailed reports of our landscape surveys, detailed surveys of specific monuments and excavations are available to download from our website. We particularly explore pre-Roman and post-Roman archaeological contexts, as we feel these aspects of local archaeology have not received the same level of attention as the heavily researched Roman period. As we conduct surveys in multi-period landscapes our work often includes recording Roman period features within overall landscape contexts. As well as undertaking our own projects we have worked closely with the Revitalising Redesdale Project, Northumberland National Park and Altogether Archaeology. We are always open to discussion with other organisations regarding the potential for co-operation and joint activities. We extend a warm welcome to everyone interested in participating in our activities.

Tyne Valley Community Rail Partnership

Main Contact: Fiona Forsythe

Contact Email:

We are an award-winning Community Rail Partnership, promoting the communities and railway between Newcastle and Carlisle. Even in a year of tremendous disruption, we are working on some great projects. Some have helped us understand more about welcoming passengers back to travelling, others have been centred around helping to commemorate the evacuation of children from Tyneside in 1940. Our largest project is entering its final phase. This will see the two wooden buildings on each platform at Haltwhistle Station be completely re-furbished to improve the waiting area on each platform and create some studio/office space which will be available for rent. And looking forward…we can’t wait until we can be out and about at shows and events, taking our 4m model of Hadrian’s Wall to venues to promote this fantastic landscape!

Setting up "Hadrian's Wall" in Glasgow Central Station

Trimontium Trust

Main Contact: Rob Longworth, Heritage Resouces Development Offier

Contact Email:    roblongworth@

Trimontium Roman fort in the Scottish Borders is the largest Roman fort and settlement north of Hadrian’s Wall and the site of one of the greatest concentrations of Roman military-related finds in the British Isles.

Its place in the history and archaeology of this period and area cannot be overstated. It is a truly remarkable site and without doubt still has a great deal to reveal. The Trust run a museum and a range of activities throughout the year telling the story of the Romans in the Scottish Borders & beyond, the relationship with native population and the legacy left behind as the Romans abandoned their ambitions north of the border.

Trimontium Fort Cropmarks, Summer 2018